Bulletproof glass or Bullet resistant glass are the most common words used when someone is searching for a bulletproof window. The fact is that there are many types of materials used to make bullet proof windows.

Which one is right for you? The material you choose depends on whether you are looking for interior or exterior applications.

Bulletproof or bullet resistant windows for interior application are normally made up of much different materials then that of exterior bulletproof glass windows. Pacific bulletproof has been providing bullet resistant protection to banks, police departments, check cashing stores, gas stations and many other applications for over twenty years. We are experts in physical security of all types.




Glass Clad Polycarbonate*



bulletproof glass bulletproof glass bulletproof glass bullet resistant polycarbonate
*Bullet Resistant Glass Clad Polycarbonate can be used with interior and exterior applications.
Bulletproof Glass for exterior applications including: 
Bulletproof Glass for interior applications including:
  • Bank Teller Windows
  • Bandit Barriers
  • Check Cashing Windows
  • Pharmacy Windows
  • Hospital Windows
  • Court House Windows
  • Interior Transaction Windows
  • Payment Center Windows
  • Interior Doors

Bullet Proof/Resistant Glass

Bullet resistant glass is a multi-layered product, consisting of three or more sheets of glass with interlayers offering greater resistance than other typical product available. As a transparent glazing material, it offers visual clarity for observation and brings light into the space. Made to fulfill the needs for special protection requirements, the interlayers of glass are fused together to absorb the tremendous energy that needs to be dissipated when a bullet strikes. Ideal for exterior use.

transaction window

Product Info

  • Thickness: 1.185" - 1.59"
  • Weight: 15.25 - 20.94 lbs. / sq.ft.
Product ID: PBBRG

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