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Bulletproof doors are one of the best physical security products available to protect your business or residence. This is the first line of defense to protect your property from the outside world. Pacific Bulletproof is a Bullet Resistant Door specialist. We make a full line of bullet proof doors for almost any application including:
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Bullet Resistant Residential Doors

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Pacific Bulletproof understands that both doors and windows are the entry points when it comes to home invasion robberies or residential break-ins, this is why we have developed residential bullet resistant and forced entry rated security doors for the homeowners. We can take almost any residential door and make a similar door that is both bullet resistant and forced entry resistant. This includes front doors, sliding glass doors and interior doors, and gives you a much higher level of security for your family. Call now for a free estimate or to talk to a specialist 888-358-2309.

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bulletproof storefront doors

Bullet Resistant Storefront Doors

Storefront Bullet Resistant / Forced Entry doors are becoming more popular, especially in schools, high end retail stores, hospitals, and Government buildings. Pacific Bulletproof offers a full line of storefront bullet resistant and/or forced entry resistant storefront doors for any commercial application. Call us now and speak to a customer service specialist 888-358-2309.

bulletproof storefront door
bulletproof door
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executive bulletproof door

Bullet Resistant Executive Doors

What’s the cost of replacing the CEO or President of a major corporation? Corporate executives have a very tough job and have to make decisions that aren’t always popular. This is why more and more corporations are taking special care to provide their high level corporate officers with the protection of bullet resistant doors for their offices, conference rooms and board rooms. Pacific Bulletproof Co manufactures a full line of corporate style bullet resistant doors designed match the look of your existing door with the added value of bullet resistance. Please call for a quote now. 888-358-2309.

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bulletproof school doors

Bullet Resistant School Doors

Schools are needing to look at the next level of security to protect our children and teachers of America. Physical security is that next level that they need now. Pacific Bulletproof being an expert in physical security recognizes this and has developed very effective products to secure schools. Bullet resistant entry and classroom doors are two of the products we have developed to protect our kids and teachers while at school. These products are highly effective at preventing violence and injury regardless of the attackers intent. For more information please contact our customer service specialist at: 888-358-2309

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